Nvidia GT610 with HDMI Standard PCIe. Perfect for adding HDMI output for big screen TV
Nvidia GT730 2 GB Step up from the GT 610. Entry level gaming video card.
Nvidia GTX 740 4 GB Descent gaming card, low cost. Perfect fot the budget minded gamers.
Nvidia GTX 750 2 GB Now we're talking. Excellent performance, will handle just about everything, including CAD/CAM applications.
Nvidia 960 2 GB Best value for $300 + cards. High end card, high end performance.
Nvidia 970 4 GB If you want that just a little extra, look no further. Limited supply.
Nvidia Quadro For the serious workstation users. Optimized for CAD/CAM applications. We carry the full line of Quadro cards. Please contact us for details.