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    go beyond than just selling you a computer…………

    "Create a win-win relationship with your customers
    If customers are treated fairly and satisfactory,
    they would return with more business and referrals.


    ·      Do you know that we always include free installation of all software & hardware
    when you purchase them with a new system  from us? **

    Do you know that we can help integrating your existing computer setup to your new system? 
    That also means we can backup and import your existing files, emails, favorites, pictures and
    music files into the new desktop PC or Mobile PC for you? 
    We even give you some free training if needed.

    Do you know that 99% of our customer experiences little transition when they move up from
    old system to new system? That includes the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista 
    or newer?

    Do you know that we can customize and personalize your new system based on your needs
    and level of skill?

    Do you know that we always provide genuine backup CDs, including original Operating System
    software when you purchase it with system?

    Do you know that our return for warranty repair is less than .5%? And we handle all warranty
    requests here in our shop, rather than just giving you a toll-free number?

    Do you know that we never need to sell extended warranties on our custom built systems?  
    Ask your rep for details about our warranties.

    Do you know that our service is so well-known that we get lots of service referrals from the big
    box store?

    It is too good to be true isn't it?  Visit our store today, you  will then
    truly believe it!

    Customer Service for all products sales and return:
    Email :sales@expresscomputer.ab.ca

    Customer Service for all service related inquiries:

    Customer Support Phone Number: 403-640-2129